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Kerry Siggins is the CEO of StoneAge, the leading global high-pressure industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer. Under her leadership, StoneAge transformed into a powerhouse in the industrial cleaning industry, disrupting how the world is cleaned. Kerry also led StoneAge’s transition to become 100% employee-owned, and StoneAge has won numerous awards, including Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work.

Kerry is an expert speaker and writer on transformational leadership, culture creation, employee ownership, and cultivating the “Ownership Mindset” – a blueprint for empowering yourself, others, and your company to reach your full potential. A finalist for Colorado’s CEO of the Year, Kerry has the unique ability to inspire others by sharing her journey, thought leadership, and blueprint for adopting The Ownership Mindset.

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The Key to Leadership is Taking Ownership

Actively disengaged workers cost the U.S. upwards of $550 billion in lost productivity annually. This statistic is staggering — and one leaders should be paying attention to.

The answer? The conscious development of the ownership mindset in oneself and others—learning to “think like an owner”—makes the difference between paycheck players and top performers.  Cultivating an ownership mindset is crucial to creating a productive, engaged workforce and attracting and retaining talent.

Owners act and think differently than employees. To an owner, a business is more than a source of income. It’s part of their identity. They view its success as their own.

But I believe that ownership is a mindset.

By undertaking the dramatic shift from an employee mindset to an ownership mindset, I pulled myself from the depths of substance abuse and a dead-end lifestyle to become one of the country’s most inspiring employee-owned company leaders.

And I want to help you cultivate The Ownership Mindset within yourself and your organization. Because when you embrace the ownership mindset, you can transform your life, team and company. You can buck the poor engagement statistics and build a more forward-thinking, profitable organization that your employees rave about.

“The ongoing cultivation of The StoneAge culture is something we are all responsible for, and we take this responsibility seriously - because we OWN IT!”

~Kerry Siggins

By sharing experiences through my keynotes, articles, podcast, and soon-to-be-launched book I can help you:


Understand and cultivate the power of the ownership mindset


Transform your team and company by creating an “Own It” Culture


Maximize your impact and disrupt yourself and your industry


Find purpose and meaning in your work - and help your employees do the same

“The ongoing cultivation of The StoneAge culture is something we are all responsible for, and we take this responsibility seriously - because we OWN IT!”

~Kerry Siggins

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My 3-Step Process for Adopting the Ownership Mindset and Creating an “Own It” Culture

By adopting The Ownership Mindset, you can transform your life, leadership, and organization. In every interaction with me, you’ll learn how to:

Understand The Ownership Mindset

You can’t “Own It” unless you understand what it means to think and act like an owner. Learn how The Ownership Mindset transforms people, teams, and companies.

Develop Your "Own It" Blueprint

An idea without a plan is wishful thinking. Develop a blueprint to help cultivate The Ownership Mindset within yourself and your team.

Create an “Own It” Culture

Put your blueprint into action and create a culture where people think and act like owners and turn paycheck players into high performers.

Kerry Siggins Own It and the Ownership Mindset

More Than Just The Ownership Mindset

At StoneAge, ownership is more than a mindset. We are one of a small but rapidly increasing number of companies that have created impressive and durable growth in part through an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). Through the ESOP, our employees are shareholders and encouraged to value the business as if it were their own. Because all employees share in the company’s success, they build personal wealth and create better opportunities for themselves. We are proud to be transforming capitalism into something more sustainable – building the middle class from the middle out.

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“I have been fortunate to be a very close witness to Kerry’s amazing leadership for the past several years. The hallmark of a great leader is the ability to inspire followership, and Kerry is among the best I’ve seen at uniting a world-class team around a big vision and empowering them to act. Three words come to mind when I think about Kerry: Look out, world! You don't want to miss her keynotes or her podcast; you'll learn so much."

Chris Larkins, Partner, CEO at Coaching International

“I find your postings and articles on LinkedIn to be incredibly interesting and useful within our own organization. Not only do you inspire through your leadership, but your advocacy of safety within the waterjet industry strikes a chord with me. I have witnessed how devoted you are to being an AWESOME leader. You are a true inspiration to me!"

Tony Lugard, COO at Ross Reels/Able Reels

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