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Kerry Siggins is on a mission to inspire you to be the kind of leader that makes the world a better place.

CEO, Speaker, Advisor, Author, Transformation Architect

Kerry Siggins is the CEO of StoneAge, the leading global manufacturer of hydroblasting equipment. Under her leadership, StoneAge has become a powerhouse in the industrial cleaning industry, disrupting the way the world is cleaned. She is passionate about transformation and she is on a mission to help leaders embrace a new way of leading – one that inspires people to own their mistakes, embrace their flaws, say what needs to be said, and transform the way they lead themselves and their teams. Real, gritty, and funny, Kerry has the unique ability to inspire others by sharing her journey from rock bottom to a highly successful CEO and transformation expert.

Hi, I’m Kerry Siggins, and I get how hard it is to transform.

How? Because I have been a transformational CEO for well over a decade. I’ve made huge mistakes and celebrated many wins. I have succumbed to burnout due to constant pressure. I have driven myself and my team crazy with new ideas and by setting an impossibly fast pace of change. And mostly, I’ve pushed past what I thought I was capable of and came out the other side a stronger and better-respected leader. To put it bluntly, I’ve transformed myself and my company. Part of my passion and purpose is to help other leaders do the same.

By sharing experiences through my keynotes, blog and podcast, I can help you…


Build your confidence and develop self-awareness


Develop your team and transform the way you work


Disrupt yourself and your industry


Find purpose and meaning in your work

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My 3-Step Process for Becoming an Transformational Leader

Look, I get how hard it is to grow as a leader and scale your team or company. And I want to help! That’s why in every keynote, podcast, and article I write, I create opportunities for you to learn how to transform yourself, your team and your company so you can grow and excel in life and business. In every interaction with me, you’ll learn how to:

Cultivate Self-Awareness

This unsung superpower builds resiliency, beats back imposter syndrome, and fosters a deep connection with others—things we all need to transform into a better version of ourselves.

Create Vision

A clear vision provides the fuel you and your team need to navigate transformation and create lasting impact—it’s a roadmap to creating the life and workplace you desire.

Take Action

The path forward will always be rocky, but self-aware and vision-led leaders are unstoppable because they act—transformation only happens when we are willing and inspired to change.

Transformation is within you.

How do I know this process works?

Because this is the method I used to dramatically change my life, leadership and company. Not only have I grown StoneAge into a highly disruptive, world-class company, but I’ve also transformed myself. By overcoming addiction and debilitating loneliness, purposelessness, and imposter syndrome, I turned my life around to become a powerful, inspiring leader who is making a difference in peoples’  lives.

Want to learn more?

“I have been fortunate to be a very close witness to Kerry’s amazing leadership for the past several years. The hallmark of a great leader is the ability to inspire followership, and Kerry is among the best I’ve seen at uniting a world-class team around a big vision and empowering them to act. Three words come to mind when I think about Kerry: Look out, world! You don't want to miss her podcast and blog; you'll learn so much."

Chris Larkins, Partner, CEO at Coaching International

“I find your postings and articles on LinkedIn to be incredibly interesting and useful within our own organization. Not only do you inspire through your leadership, but your advocacy of safety within the waterjet industry strikes a chord with me. I have witnessed how devoted you are to being an AWESOME leader. You are a true inspiration to me!"

Tony Lugard, COO at Ross Reels/Able Reels

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