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Reflect Forward: Conversations on Leadership with Kerry Siggins is about leadership experience sharing. We all become better leaders when we connect with others’ stories and learn from their successes and mistakes. The only way to do this is to hear from vulnerable, open, and authentic leaders. If you are an inspiring leader who wants to make an impact and has a story to share, apply to be on Reflect Forward today!

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"I loved being a guest on Reflect Forward! Kerry has created something unique in the business podcast space. Her focus is to push the boundaries of what it truly means to be a successful and more importantly an exceptional leader. Every leader with a desire for excellence knows that every day and every hour dedicated to their craft has to be used to the max with deep intention for constantly improving and getting better. Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with your audience Kerry!"

Sean Magennis, President of CEO Coaching International

About Kerry

Kerry is a leadership expert and master storyteller. Her keynotes and presentations have changed the way people think about leadership, personal and professional development, and resiliency in business and life. Her journey from rock bottom substance abuse to becoming a CEO at the age of 29 resonates with all types of audiences and inspires them to push through their fears and self-limiting beliefs to be the kind of leader people need at all levels of an organization.

Kerry understands that deep down, most leaders want to be more successful and more impactful…that they want to be truly exceptional. She gets that the journey is not always easy—because she is living it. There are so many priorities to juggle, people to worry about, and decisions to make. The pressure to perform is intense and no matter what, it seems like it’s never enough…

Keynotes from Kerry will help you cut through the noise, inspire you to step into your leadership talent, and lead yourself and others to their full potential.

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