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Reflect Forward: Conversations on Leadership with Kerry Siggins is about leadership experience sharing. We all become better leaders when we connect with others’ stories and learn from their successes and mistakes. The only way to do this is to hear from vulnerable, open, and authentic leaders. Listen today to connect with accomplished leaders from around the world! Be inspired by their expertise, insight, and stories of success and failure. This podcast will undoubtedly help you on your journey to becoming a better version of yourself as a leader.

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“Kerry was a guest on TMT Time in 2021, and in particular, she was part of our “Start up Sutra” series focusing on entrepreneurism and leadership. She was fantastic as we explored how to build out a company through M&A transactions, the struggles and successes facing women leaders, and her approach to team building and employee empowerment. I highly recommend her as a guest and as a leader!”

Evan Rothstein, Partner at Arnold & Porter and host of TMT Time Podcast

"Having Kerry on my show was one of the most connected episodes we've produced. I can tell a difference between a guest with a hidden agenda, and a guest willing to go all in. Her answers were relatable to our audience, and many wrote in saying how much inspiration they found through Kerry's story. Her story isn't perfect, and that's what makes it beautiful. Thanks for the heart opening chat!"

Christopher Schembra – USA Today’s “Gratitude Guru” Columnist at Rolling Stone

About Kerry

Kerry is a leadership expert and master storyteller. Her keynotes and presentations have changed the way people think about leadership, personal and professional development, and resiliency in business and life. Her journey from rock bottom substance abuse to becoming a CEO at the age of 29 resonates with all types of audiences and inspires them to push through their fears and self-limiting beliefs to be the kind of leader people need at all levels of an organization.

Kerry understands that deep down, most leaders want to be more successful and more impactful…that they want to be truly exceptional. She gets that the journey is not always easy—because she is living it. There are so many priorities to juggle, people to worry about, and decisions to make. The pressure to perform is intense and no matter what, it seems like it’s never enough…

Keynotes from Kerry will help you cut through the noise, inspire you to step into your leadership talent, and lead yourself and others to their full potential.

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