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I am a positive person, an eternal optimist. I look at the glass as full, even when it’s really only half full. I love my life and (most of) the people in it. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. And I still catch myself complaining ALL THE TIME. I want to stop complaining.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the things you complain about? I have found that most of the negative words that come out of my mouth are about topics that don’t really matter. Or about events or situations I can’t control. Or people. Ugh…I hate to admit that. Of all the things I complain about the most, people top the list. And almost never is complaining useful, helpful, or productive. It’s usually focused on venting (which can be healthy if done properly) rather than finding solutions. And since words like helpful, positive, productive, and solution-focused describe behaviors I want to always exhibit, I’ve decided that I am going to challenge myself to change.

Starting January 1st, I am going on complaining cleanse. For the entire month of January (yes, all 31 days) I am going to stop myself from complaining and keep a daily journal, logging my progress and documenting the journey on my new 31 Day “Stop Complaining” Challenge Facebook page. I have no doubt that complaints will escape my lips and when they do, I want to understand why. What causes me to complain? Do I tend to commiserate with the same people? Is there a time of day when I am more likely to complain? If it’s something that deserves to be complained about, am I focused on finding a solution rather than just venting? I am on a mission to understand it, change it, and in return, I expect that it will have a profound effect on my life…in ways that I probably can’t imagine. I’ll share what I’ve learned in a February blog post.

We could all use more positivity and support in our lives and there is no better place than to look within ourselves to find what we need to live happier, more joyful lives. And it starts with what comes out when we open our mouths. I invite you to join me in this challenge and you can share your experiences with me on this Facebook page…just click like to join. If you need some inspiration, please read my blog on choosing your attitude here.

Wishing you a fantastic, complaint-free (wouldn’t that be amazing?) 2016,

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