Advice From A CEO: How to Amplify Your Message

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Podcast

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I love speaking and writing about employee ownership and how to be the kind of leader who inspires ownership thinking. I am passionate about creating a company that gives back to its employees and the world. I believe that leaders need to take a stand and amplify their message of good. My ‘message of good’ is simple: create meaningful, dignified jobs that allow people to work with purpose. Compensate them well, offer flexibility, and share in the success of the company. Be a leader who is worth following. And amplify your message.

I started my blog in 2015 after a long trail run on a cool fall day. I was pondering my purpose and thinking about how to become a better speaker.  I remembered a line out of a random book I had read about going back to what you loved to do as an adolescent. I loved to write but stopped when I went to engineering school. It was crystal clear to me at that moment – start writing again. To amplify my message, I have to have a message. To speak on my message, I have to be known for being a thought leader. I needed to get busy. As soon as I got home from the run, I say in front of my computer and researched blogging websites. By the end of the weekend, I had built my own website using a simple drop and drag website builder and I was up and writing. The more I wrote, the more people noticed. I was asked to write for industry publications and then speak at various events. Now you are reading this book. This is how you amplify your message. Millions may not know me of people, but I am impacting those I reach, and that’s what matters. I believe in my heart that as I keep practicing, putting my words of equity, dignity, and strong leadership out into the world, my message will continue to be amplified.

Put it Into Practice

Get Involved

Getting involved in organizations where your passions lie is the foundation to amplifying your message. By being involved, you have a seat at the table, shaping the ways others think and learning how others view the world. If you want to have influence, you must build your reputation as a thought leader and a person who puts in the time and effort to advance the movement. It also helps you build your brand.

Build Your Personal Brand

To amplify your message, you need to have a brand that others recognize. When people think about personal brand building, they often think of influencers like the Kardashians and are turned off. In reality, we all have a personal brand, whether we acknowledge it or not, so why not be intentional about building your brand? Listen in for a simple way to do this.

Smart Social Media

Being active on social media is a must when you want to amplify your message, even if you hate social media. I am not a fan of many of the platforms, but it is an excellent way to amplify your message. Movements have been started on Twitter. Influencers have changed the way we think on LinkedIn. A vision can inspire followers on Instagram. You can amplify your brand and your message if you use social media intelligently.

Using Your Words

You have to use your words and refine your message if you want to amplify it. Write articles, speak at events, contribute to your industry association’s publications, book interviews, reach out to podcast hosts and ask to go on their shows.

Public Relations

Hiring a PR firm can also help you get your message out. A good PR firm will help you refine your message and find avenues to speak and write. They have connections with media outlets that can write articles or give you an interview.

Question of the Episode

This question comes from a Reflect Forward listener. “Kerry, I often find myself getting frustrated and annoyed over call things. What can I do to stop myself from always getting upset?

I love this question! I love riding my Peloton spin bike. I’m addicted to it. Not only are the classes challenging, but I am also inspired by the instructors’ moving stories and thought-provoking comments. A recent ride on the Peloton taught me a new acronym that I can’t stop telling others about…and applying to my daily life with diligence. W.A.I.T: Why Am I Trippin’?

I like to think of myself as a positive, optimistic person, but I often find myself getting frustrated, or annoyed…and sometimes even angry. I am good at letting things go quickly, but I probably let unimportant things get to me too much if I’m honest with myself.

Hence my new mantra: W.A.I.T.

As soon as I feel my temperature start to rise, I pause and ask, “Why am I trippin’? Is feeling angry and annoyed worth it? Can I change anything about this situation? Does getting angry serve me well? Does it help me show up as the positive, optimistic person I believe myself to be? Is acting this way helpful to me or anyone else?”

I have found is that 99% of the time, the answers to these questions are NO; they just aren’t that big of a deal. Seeing this has helped me change my mindset and my reactions. Instead of letting the annoyance ruin the moment, I let it go. Instead of complaining or criticizing, I respond in a positive, more inspiring way.

And it’s working! I’ve been applying W.A.I.T to my life for the past few months and the results are remarkable. I feel happier. I’ve had more meaningful interactions with everyone around me. I am better able to defuse emotional situations. I am more accountable.

I share this with you hoping that you, too, can find it a powerful tool to create a happier, more fulfilling life.

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