Advice From a CEO: Understand Trust to Build Trust

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Podcast

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In this week’s episode of Advice From a CEO on Reflect Forward, I talk about trust. We each look at trust uniquely. Trust is a complex word with many meanings and it’s important to understand trust. For me, the fastest way to break trust is to lie to me. I have been burned many times by people I’ve given second chances only to find out that they’ve lied to me. For others, it might look like not following through on commitments. Or relentless teasing. Or publicly criticizing.

I share a story about recently asking a question about trust on our quarterly performance conversations: “when has your manager broken your trust?” This question caused quite a stir and got the intended result: deeper conversations about what trust means to each of us at StoneAge. It also helped me have insightful conversations with my executive team on how past managers have broken their trust and the impact it had. It was quite remarkable and I learned things I didn’t know about my team.

Want to better understand trust? Listen in to hear how it turned out and listen to some tips on creating trust as given by Nan Russell on Psychology Today.

Question of the Episode

This week’s question comes from a follower on LinkedIn. He asked, “Kerry, we all know you love asking questions. What’s your favorite question to ask?”

There are many but the most powerful question I ask is, “What do you think?”

Tune in to find out why I ask this all the time and what kind of conversations it can create!

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