Build Your Reputation to Create Success w/ Moshe Popack

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Podcast

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How do you build your reputation to create success? According to Moshe Popack, put your partners, customers, and employees first.

Guest: Moshe Popack is a third-generation entrepreneur and the owner and president of YMP Real Estate Management LLC. The company has a market presence in seven states, owns several multifamily properties, office buildings, and assisted living facilities, and has numerous industrial and hotel assets.
Moshe is also proud to host the Common Denominator podcast, which is a forum for optimism, positivity, and human development. Each week Moshe chats with thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers across various fields and – through critical thinking and spirited debate – encourages his audience to find common ground on everyday issues that are current and top of mind.

Additionally, Moshe is a board member of the Florida Development Finance Corporation, the Florida Assisted Living Association, an official member of the South Florida Business Journal Leadership Trust, and a member of the Young Presidents’ Association (YPO).

Above all, Moshe is a dedicated family man deeply anchored in his strong values and faith. His wife, Yaffa, and their ten children are the guiding forces behind his quest to promote a more civil, prosperous, and caring world.

Episode in a Tweet: My goal is simply this: I’m going to take on all the headaches, but I’m going to make money last. I’ll do the hard work, take out all the risks, and make it easy on my partners. And the hard work paid off. Never be afraid of hard work, and never be afraid of putting others first.

Background: I met Moshe through YPO, and we instantly hit it off because we share similar philosophies of putting people first, building people-centric cultures, and developing deep self-awareness. During the episode, Moshe and I talk about how Moshe built his real estate business in 2008 when the economy was crashing and the real estate market was in shambles. He shares how he used his empathetic nature to build a strong reputation for putting his investors first and build a people-centric organization built on autonomy, self-awareness, and hard work.

Moshe and I talk about why finding meaning and purpose in your work are so important, and he shares how he ensures that each of his ten children feels special and gets one-on-one time with him and his wife, even as they build their real estate empire.

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