Create High Performers Who Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes w/ Dane Espegard

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Podcast

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Guest: Do you want to create high performers who achieve extraordinary outcomes? Then meet Dane Espegard! Dane is a culture consultant who teaches, assists and executes the implementation of a Culture centered around Dream Achieving. The system is bottom-up and emphasizes the development and personal lives of the team member. Dane works with companies very simply to get the culture started and leaves them with some very easy-to-implement steps. Dane brings a successful people-oriented method to market in his latest book, The Dream Machine.

Episode in a Tweet: Dreaming isn’t just a fun hobby. Workplaces, and the world at large, need dreamers. They need people who think big and chase their wild, inspired ideas. Why? Because positive movement happens when people work with purpose.

Background: During this fun conversation, Dane and I talk about the power of chasing your dreams and why companies should not only encourage their employees to go after their dream but set up a system that helps to make their dreams happen.

We discuss his new book, “The Dream Machine,” which is an A-Z guide on how to set up a Culture of Achieving your Dreams for the workplace. Dane breaks down the “Dreams Culture” into implementable steps that leaders can do. Dane teaches us how to empower our team members to live their best life and reap the benefits that fully engaged employees bring to the workplace.

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