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Meet kerry, will help you improve communication, resolve conflict, develop your team, and find meaning as a leader.
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Guest: Chris is a Partner at CEO Coaching International, a member of the firm’s Executive Leadership Team, and an active executive coach. He has a proven record leading, growing, and reinvigorating large and medium companies across a wide variety of industries. And he’s my executive coach! Chris has made a huge impact in my life and business and I am honored to have him as my first guest.

Episode in a Tweet: Lessons on how to be a great leader from one of the country’s top executive coaches.

Quick Background: Chris and I explore how the best of the best build teams, smash through self-imposed roadblocks, and develop themselves to be at the top of their game. Chris shares how he helps his clients find and develop talent using the DISC profile and he gives all kinds of other useful tips and pointers. If you’ve never worked with a coach and want to, listen to this podcast to learn what it’s all about. You can’t help but see why having someone who has “been there, done that” is helpful.

You can find Chris here.

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About my podcast: Reflect Forward isn’t your everyday leadership podcast. This show is about exceptional leadership. Game-changing leadership. Learn from peers, experts, authors, and more on how to be an uber-successful leader…one that stands out from the rest. One that inspires others to do great things. One that others want to follow. How does Reflecting Forward fit into exceptional leadership? You can only become great at what you do by deliberately creating your future by reflecting on the past and present…what you did well, mistakes you’ve made, and lessons you’ve learned.

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