EP 26: Who Says Lawyers Aren’t Great Leaders w/ Phil Weiser

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Podcast

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Guest: Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser was sworn in as the State’s 39th Attorney General on January 8, 2019. As the State’s chief legal officer, Phil is committed to protecting the people of Colorado and building an innovative and collaborative organization that will address a range of statewide challenges. He’s one of those pragmatic, down-to-earth, great leaders we can all admire.

Phil has dedicated his life to the law, justice, and public service. Before running for office, Weiser served as the Hatfield Professor of Law and Dean of the University of Colorado Law School. He founded the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship and co-chaired Colorado. Phil also served in both the Obama and Clinton administrations and as a law clerk to Justices Byron R. White and Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the United States Supreme Court.

Episode in a Tweet: When we build alignment around values and people have an opportunity to be heard, we can impact positive change in politics, business, and life.

Quick Background: I met Phil through my good friend and attorney, Todd Seelman. Todd is an avid Reflect Forward listener and told me I had to have Phil on the show. I never thought much about attorneys as leaders, but once I met Phil, I began to understand just how powerful leaders they can be. Phil is a big believer that empathy is the most important competency for lawyers to possess. The best attorneys can connect with their clients and the opposition to find a mutually agreeable resolution in conflict.

Phil’s grandmother and mother are also survivors of the Holocaust, and their stories of hope and belief shaped Phil’s life views. His mother was born in a Nazi concentration camp and is believed to be one of its youngest survivors. Phil thinks that he is where he is today because of the compassion of the U.S. and its welcoming of refugees as Europe was liberated. He is a product of the American Dream and holds firm in his commitment to making this dream possible for many others.

Phil is also is dedicated to creating fair competition in business through sound antitrust policy (he breaks down the Google and Facebook anti-competition issues in simple terms in the show), improving our criminal justice system, and protecting our air and water.

I love Phil’s thoughts on leadership and life, and I hope you enjoy this podcast.

You can find Phil on LinkedIn and on the Colorado AG’s site here.

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