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Guest: Ahad Ghadimi is Managing Director of Core Work Capital, an international advisory firm that helps companies transition to employee-ownership and founder of Forums@Work whose mission is to democratize the Forum experience, a peer-to-peer intimate ‘experience sharing and support’ platform used by organizations such as YPO and EO. He is also a turnaround artist.

Episode in a Tweet: How to build an unstoppable culture by sharing experiences and creating ownership opportunities, leading to engaged and fulfilled employees.

Quick Background: Ahad has built his career around leading turnarounds of bankrupt businesses and family-owned enterprises transitioning to employee-ownership. Most recently, Ahad authored and published the book “Turnaround Artists,” a business fable based on his family’s business that guides readers on how to transform company culture through creating connections and sharing experiences. Kerry and Ahad talk about building an ownership culture, the value of employee ownership, and why Forums are a powerful way to improve work relationships and take your team to the next level.

You can find Ahad’s book here.

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