High Impact Leaders Creating High Impact Boards w/ Bob Arciniaga

by | May 3, 2022 | Podcast

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Guest: Bob Arciniaga believes in the power of creating high impact boards. Bob is the Founder and Chief Board Architect of Advisory Board Architects, LLC. Founded in 2005, ABA builds, maintains, and manages “High Impact” advisory boards and boards of directors. ABA provides a proprietary methodology and process so organizations can maximize the impact of their boards. ABA works with private and publicly traded companies from $20M in revenues to $2B in fourteen different countries.

Bb also founded Boardology in 2019. Boardology provides a proprietary technology platform that allows organizations to quantitatively analyze and benchmark the level of impact, effectiveness, and engagement of their boards. Boardology’s technology provides organizations with the science and data of their High Impact Boards.

Bob is a recognized thought leader in maximizing Board Engagement and Impact. He has conducted High Impact Board Training for 100s of Board Leaders around the globe. He has been a featured speaker at many global conferences, including events for Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Women in the Boardroom, Singapore and Hong Kong Institutes of Directors, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchanges, and numerous organization boards. Bob has been interviewed and highlighted in numerous publications including the NY Times and ABA was highlighted in the successful business book about innovative companies written by Salim Ismael (2014) called Exponential Organizations.

Episode in a Tweet: Great board leaders not only have great ideas, but they also help CEOs learn, grow and become better executives.

Quick Background: I met Bob Arciniaga through the YPO Colorado chapter several years ago and have always appreciated his perspective on executive leadership and how CEOS should develop its board of directors. During this episode, Bob and I discuss why CEOs should look at their boards as a strategic advantage and build a board with the right expertise to accelerate growth.

Bob also shares how his new company Boardology helps CEOs create high-impact boards by measuring engagement and alignment. Bob tells us about the three ways CEOs and boards miss the mark when building out their board and explains why all boards should have a thorough evaluation process to measure impact.

I hope you enjoy this fun and enlightening conversation with Bob; I am sure you’ll walk away with insights on how boards are run.

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