How Hiring a Life Coach Can Skyrocket Growth w/ Barbara Gormally

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Podcast

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How Hiring a Life Coach Can Skyrocket Growth

Guest: Barbara Gormally is a professional life coach based in Durango, CO. After a long career in HR and Training and Development, Barbara attended several coaching schools to retool her line of work. She created Studio Me Unlimited x9, LLC and has worked in the field of life coaching for 18 years to support self-mastery exploration by individuals or workplace organizations. Several personal experiences led Barbara to understand that an authentic and vibrant relationship with yourself first will allow for more grounded experiences during the ease and chaos of life and work. The profound yet practical self-development architecture that guided Barbara is The Enneagram, which she uses as the foundational tool in her coaching practice.

For individuals or businesses, the long career Barbara had in related fields under the large umbrella of Training and Development allows her to bring depth and breadth to her coaching clients, thus their opportunity to receive sustainable coaching results. Barbara values human capacity and enjoys her role as a catalyst for self-development so that people can employ their exquisite human capacity. Wise and vibrant humanness is her vocation and passion.

Episode in a Tweet: Combine the use of the Enneagram with executive coaching in your business to maximize results and help employees gain self-awareness, self-confidence, and tools to handle stress.

Background: I’ve known Barbara for well over a decade now. She was the first coach I hired to help me understand myself better, including diving into my addiction and learning how to overcome my triggers and how to show up as the best version of myself. She has been pivotal in my leadership journey, both early on as a CEO and today, helping many of my employees develop self—awareness and practical communication skills.

In this episode of Reflect Forward, Barbara and I talk about the power of life coaching in business and why the Enneagram is such an impactful tool. She shares how her coaching method can help people unlock their potential through deep self-exploration. We talk about StoneAge has implemented her style of coaching into our strategy and the results we’ve seen from it.

At the end of the interview, Barbara shares this gem: “Leaders should never forget that their employees are dealing with some sort of grief and trauma on a daily basis. When they can acknowledge this and work with it, they have a better chance of moving forward.” I love this, and it’s so true. Leading from a place of compassion and understanding that life is messy and people need support will help you build a strong team and strong culture. And individuals will be seen and heard – something we all want and need. Enjoy!

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