How Life Teaches You Leadership Lessons w/ Jeremy Osterberger

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Podcast

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Guest:  Jeremy Osterberger is all about learning about how life teaches your leadership lessons. Jeremy is the President and COO of BIC Alliance and its subsidiaries (BIC Magazine, BIC Recruiting and IVS Investment Banking). For more than 20 years, Jeremy has built relationships with leading minds in the heavy industrial market, business owners, trade show producers, industry publications, and vendors, including private equity groups focused on acquiring industrial service companies within the refining and petrochemical, tanks and terminals, pipeline, construction, and oil and gas sectors. Jeremy also influences the energy and heavy manufacturing conversation from live interviews to videos and podcasts.

Additionally, Jeremy has volunteered and served on the board of several downstream oil and gas and industrial association committees, including the Association of Builders and Contractors of Houston, East Harris County Manufactures Association, Texas Chemical Council, Louisiana Chemical Industry Association and the workforce communications committee.

Episode in a Tweet: In some areas of our business, I will never be the master. And that’s okay. As long as I can retain and motivate the masters we have on staff, as long as I can empower those folks who are ninjas, we will be successful.

Background: I’ve known Jeremy Osterberger for almost a decade now as he is the President and COO of BIC Alliance. In fact, BIC Magazine, one of the major brands of BIC Alliance, was the first magazine to pick up my leadership articles. In this episode, Jeremy and I discuss how he learned to be a leader, starting as a young kid and working his way up the ranks at BIC. We share so many things in common, such as an affinity to self-leadership, developing and empowering others, and staying humble as we find success. The theme throughout the show is how life teaches you leadership lessons when you pause long enough to learn from them. Please have a listen and let me know what you think!

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