How to Ask For Help at Work

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Podcast

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During this week’s episode of Reflect Forward: Advice From a CEO, we talk about why it’s important to ask for help at work, including how it helps you save time, increases productivity, and provides learning and skill development opportunities.

It’s rarely easy to ask for help at work. Some see asking for help as a sign of weakness. “I should be able to handle everything independently,” they think. Or maybe they are worried about being judged or viewed negatively by their colleagues or manager. Some people may feel uncomfortable revealing they don’t know what to do next or are over their heads. And let’s face it, some workplace cultures may not promote or support asking for help, and it can be hard to find someone willing to offer help – which is unfortunate.

I also share ideas on overcoming your fears, such as identifying the root cause of your fear, reframing your thinking, and practicing asking for help by starting small. Most importantly, I share why you must clearly communicate your needs when you find the right person to ask for help. Communicating clearly isn’t always easy, especially if you are resistant to asking for help. If you struggle with this, write what you need and why. Be specific and honest.

I also address asking for too much help. Don’t be that person!

And finally, I share my thoughts on the statement, “don’t bring me problems; bring me solutions.” This statement shuts people down and discourages them from coming to you when they are stuck. Your job as a manager is to help your employees solve problems and work through issues. So stop saying this!

Question of the Week

What do you do if you have an employee who isn’t being open about personal issues impacting their performance? Listen in to hear how I would handle this situation which includes having open, honest and direct conversations while making it safe for the person to open up to you.

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