How to Be An Effective CEO w/ Joel Trammell

by | May 16, 2023 | Podcast

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Guest: Joel Trammell knows a lot about how to be an effective CEO. He is the founder and CEO of American CEO and Khorus Systems, a business management system that empowers CEOs to lead high performance organizations, and the owner of Texas CEO Magazine, which reaches more than 10,000 CEOs across the state. A successful entrepreneur and CEO with 30 years of experience, Joel is a pioneer in CEO education.

After decades as a CEO – a field in which the average shelf life is only five years –  Joel identified a pervasive problem: many of his fellow business leaders seriously lacked the fundamental tools and education to make their companies genuinely great. He launched The American CEO to provide the support and guidance his peers lacked. He also wrote a book titled The CEO Tightrope, a comprehensive guide featuring proven techniques and approaches for overcoming the unique challenges of being a CEO.

Episode in a Tweet: Being a CEO is demanding and there’s no one way to do it well, but the best CEOs embody the three Cs: credibility, competence, and caring. If you have the three Cs, you’re far more likely to succeed in the CEO role.

Background: Joel Trammell is on a mission to teach new and current CEOs what almost no one else is teaching: how to successfully perform the CEO job. Most people enter the CEO job with lots of knowledge and experience in certain aspects of business but no specific training for the CEO role. I understand this well. As a new and young CEO, I made many mistakes, like deciding by trial and error, changing direction too often, and letting underperformers stay too long. I had to learn how to be a CEO by being a CEO.

American CEO’s mission is to prevent the issues I experienced all those years ago through a professional, systematic approach to the CEO role. And that’s what Joel and I talk about during this week’s episode of Reflect Forward. Joel shares how the CEO role is different from other leadership roles. He says (and I agree) that people think of the CEO as just one step up from other executive jobs. However, the CEO job is a difference of kind, not of degree. It comes with a very different set of responsibilities and challenges.

If you want to be a CEO or simply understand the CEO role better, you’ll gain so much insight from this interview with Joel. Have a listen and let me know what you think!

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