How To Be An Extraordinary Leader w/Daphna Horowitz

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Podcast

Meet kerry, will help you improve communication, resolve conflict, develop your team, and find meaning as a leader.
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Guest: Daphna Horowitz is a sought-after CEO Coach and trusted business advisor who works with clients around the globe to create the extraordinary and build future leaders in their business. Working as an actuary in a large consulting firm, she learned the importance of developing a leadership mindset that takes you from an expert top-performer to an extraordinary leader. She has a deep understanding of what it takes to lead a business and teams in a complex, ever-changing environment and provides a practical approach to leadership and she is passionate about developing extraordinary leaders.

She is the author of “Courage to Lead” and “Weekly Habits for Extraordinary Leaders,” both essential reading for leaders and aspiring leaders.

When she’s not helping leaders master their mindset and elevate their business, she’s doing what she loves most – hosting her podcast, Leadership Live, writing articles for various publications, and raising three kids with her loving husband.

Episode in a Tweet: Create powerful habits to shrink your leadership gaps, overcome imposter syndrome, and become an extraordinary leader.

Quick Background: Daphna Horowitz is passionate about helping leaders perform at their very best. She believes there is a leader inside each of us, and to find that inner leader, we must believe in ourselves and get over the things that hold us back. She believes that by developing consistent habits such as creating your “why,” ending procrastination, and shifting your mindset to focus on positivity.

In her book, “Weekly Habits for Extraordinary Leaders,” Daphna offers 52 lessons, one for each week of the year, that will help launch you on a path to become extraordinary. In the podcast, Daphna shares her story of switching careers, climbing mountains, and following her passion for leadership development. She also describes an exercise of creating a personal user manual to give to your employees, so they better understand how you tick. I loved this so much that I plan to have my team write their user manuals to develop deeper relationships and have more compassion for each other.

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Weekly Habits for Extraordinary Leaders:
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