How To Cultivate an Ownership Mindset within Your Team

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Podcast

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As I’ve developed StoneAge’s employee-owned culture and grown our company, I’ve learned that the best kind of culture is one where employees share an ownership mindset. And that’s what we will talk about during this week’s episode of Reflect Forward: Advice From a CEO

When you build a culture of ownership, you will drive results. Why? Because when people know that they have a say in their daily work and the company’s direction, they feel more empowered to do great work and be more invested in your organization’s success.

Here are five ways to cultivate an ownership mindset:

1. Exhibit the Ownership Mindset Yourself: Leaders can’t expect their employees to show up with an ownership mindset if they themselves aren’t. You must own all your actions, decisions, mistakes, attitude, and behaviors.

2. Teach People How to Give and Receive Feedback: Cultures that exhibit ownership thinking are also cultures of feedback. Teach people how to give direct, helpful feedback. Model feedback skills by asking for it from people on your team, and when you get tough feedback, handle it with grace and gratitude.

3. Share Financial Performance: If you want employees to act like owners, you must treat them like owners. And as a business owner, you need to possess financial acumen. So share your company or departmental performance.

4, Give Autonomy: If you create a culture where people are paid what they are worth and help them direct their lives and work, you’ll inspire ownership thinking.

5. Teach People How to Resolve Conflict: Model conflict resolution by leaning into uncomfortable conversations and helping your team members navigate issues and look for positive outcomes.

If you teach your employees the ownership mindset, you’ll see great engagement and improved performance. You can make progress today by implementing a few of these practices.

Question of the Week

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