How to Improve Your Workplace Culture w/ Gustavo Razzetti

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Podcast

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Guest: Gustavo Razzetti knows a thing or two about helping you improve your workplace culture. Gustavo is the CEO and founder of Fearless Culture, a culture design consultancy that helps teams do the best work of their lives. For more than 20 years, Razzetti has helped leaders from Fortune 500s, startups, nonprofits, and everything in between on every continent but Antarctica.

Gustavo is also the creator of the Culture Design Canvas, a framework that thousands of teams and organizations worldwide use to map, assess, and design their culture. In addition to his consulting work with clients, Gustavo regularly speaks with leaders and teams about culture change, teamwork, and hybrid workplaces. His coaching and tools have helped countless executives and teams develop work environments where people collaborate to accelerate individual and collective performance.

A prolific writer and author of four books on culture change, Gustavo’s insights have been featured in The New York Times, Psychology Today, Forbes, BBC, and Fortune, among others.

Episode in a Tweet: Imagine what your company could achieve with your teams optimized to bring their best effort and ideas to the table.

Background: Most organizations don’t lack ideas, talent or resources; instead, they lack a conducive culture where employees are encouraged to collaborate, take the initiative and experiment beyond perceived limitations. Imagine what your company could achieve with your teams optimized to bring their best effort and ideas to the table. Helping build these kinds of cultures is what Gustavo Razzetti is all about.

During our conversation, Gustavo and I discuss how to improve your workplace culture by creating safe spaces for people to speak up. We talk about why leaders need to develop self-awareness and seek honest feedback from their teams. Gustavo shares his thoughts on fairness in the workplace, especially in hybrid and remote work situations. And finally, he shares why he wrote his latest book, Remote, Not Distant, as a roadmap for leaders to build a culture that thrives in a hybrid workplace.

You will take away all kinds of insights from his fun and dynamic interview. Please listen and let me know what you think!

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