It’s Never Just Business; It’s About People w/ J. Scott

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Podcast

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Guest: J. Scott knows it’s never just business; it’s about people. J. considers himself a talentless, real-life anti-hero who doesn’t just talk; he walks the walk. Growing up in the streets of Los Angeles with less-than-ideal parents, J. learned early on that actions speak louder than words.

After dropping out of high school at 17, J. joined the Navy and learned firsthand that grit and courage could overcome any lack of talent. He embraced every opportunity to learn and eventually became a Naval Rescue Swimmer, jumping out of helicopters to save lives. Rewind: two decades ago, J. founded 120VC to help people, leaders, and teams get things done that really matter. He’s uncovered some universal truths along the way: organizations are optimized for their results, and to get different results, humans need to perform their jobs differently.

J. Scott is the epitome of the anti-thought leader, proving that leadership isn’t about being the team’s most talented or successful person. It’s about helping your team members define and deliver success. If you surround yourself with talented people and inspire them to reach THEIR potential, the leader doesn’t need to be talented. They just have to play for the team. J. Scott is a regular guy who’s proven that actions speak louder than words.

Be sure to check out J.’s Two-Time Amazon Bestseller Books “It’s Never Just Business: It’s About People” and “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

Episode in a Tweet: It’s important to demonstrate care by what we do, not by what we feel or say, and to exercise the power of a growth mindset and a happiness advantage.

Background: J. Scott is all about helping people lead and respond to change—with efficiency, agility, and humanity. Because if you’re not leading change, you’re reacting to it or made obsolete by it. I love this conversation with J. as we explore the difference between accountability and responsibility. As he says, “Bosses ‘hold people accountable.’ The phrase itself sounds like they are physically accosting someone. When they don’t get the expected results, they get frustrated because of the negative impact this situation will have on their success. So they start “holding people accountable” and looking for someone to blame. It can be brutal.” J. also shares his expertise in inspiring people to change how they work. He tells us that humans crave success in all areas of their lives, and nobody knows how to be successful in doing their job differently. That’s where leaders come in – to help people feel safe to experiment and slay new ways of working. J. is a great storyteller who walks the walk, no doubt. Have a listen and let me know your thoughts!

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