Make 2024 The Year of Feeling Good

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Podcast

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Should you prioritize feeling good in 2024?

In a world that often seems shadowed by complexities, it’s crucial to remember the power of doing things that bring good feelings. While the media may focus on the darker side of life, an undeniable truth often goes unsung: you can embrace countless positive moments every day. You can choose to focus on the good and embody a positive mindset.

In this week’s episode of Reflect Forward, I discuss why you should focus on well-being and doing things that make you and others feel good. We review personal and professional well-being actions such as practicing gratitude, eating healthy, minimizing complaining, and investing in relationships. From a professional perspective, I discuss leading with empathy, creating a positive workplace, balancing accountability with compassion, and embracing lifelong learning.

By integrating practical steps into your daily routines, you can make 2024 a year of positive growth and well-being. I encourage you to take actionable steps to feel good and inspire those around you to do the same.

And if you’re not feeling good on a given day? That’s okay. There will no doubt be difficult days. Maybe even weeks or months. I offer tips like practicing mindfulness, walking and keeping things in perspective during a rough period.

This episode is here to inspire you to rise above negativity and focus on well-being. You can make 2024 a year of personal and professional evolution, prioritizing well-being in all aspects of your lives and those of your team.

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