Moving Beyond Resilience w/ Dr. Douglas Scherer

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Podcast

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Guest:  Dr. Douglas Scherer is dedicated to helping leaders move beyond resilience and liberating individuals and organizations into thriving life and work. As a keynote speaker, facilitator, and author, he believes in fostering a culture of trust, transparency, and collaboration. He integrates his mindfulness, reflective learning, and leadership background into a holistic approach that addresses the needs of the whole person and organization. His bestseller, F.O.R.G.E.D.: Six Practices of Great Leaders in Volatile Times, illuminates his passion for empowering individuals through conscious leadership. Dr. Scherer is also a professor at Columbia University, where he teaches courses on strategic thinking, leadership, and fostering innovation.

Episode Insight: You hire people because of their abilities and because you believe in them. Give your team responsibility and let them drive innovation.

Background: During this week’s episode of Reflect Forward, Dr. Douglas Scherer and I dive into all kinds of leadership topics. Douglas teaches leadership at Columbia University and shares all kinds of insights on taking action upon reflection and explaining why micromanaging is so prevalent yet ineffective. We discuss how leaders can move beyond resilience to achieve greater heights. We also discuss the importance of transparency and why it inspires people to grow in their roles. Douglas and I also talk about overcoming imposter syndrome and what it’s like to get on stage and speak in front of an audience…hint…we both still get nervous. I know you’ll enjoy this interview, and I look forward to your feedback

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