Own Who You Are To Live a Fulfilling Life

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Podcast

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The only way to live a fulfilling life is to own who you are.

In this week’s episode of Reflect Forward: Advice from a CEO, I tell a story about my son feeling like he needed to be more competitive than he really is and how peer pressure drove him to care about things he didn’t care about. During this powerful conversation, we explore why it’s important to own who you are rather than try to live your life for someone else.

I encourage you to live your life and let go of your attachment to what other people think of you. Life is so much more fulfilling when you own who you are.

Listen to the episode to be inspired by a 9-year-old. Lol.

Question of the Week

This week’s question comes from an audience member at a keynote speech I gave, and she asked me, “How do you manage stress?”

As you already know, I am a huge believer in self-care; through disciplined self-care, I manage stress and show up consistently as my best self. Weekly massages, daily exercise, box breathing, and mindset are some tips I share.

Listen in to find out more!

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