Prioritize Purpose to be a High-Performing Leader

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Podcast

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We discuss why you need to prioritize purpose in this week’s episode of Reflect Forward: Advice From a CEO. Not just personal purpose by your company’s purpose. A company’s higher purpose is a crucial component of its success, as it provides a clear direction and meaning for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, and the wider community. A higher purpose can help a company attract and retain top talent, build a loyal customer base, make strategic decisions, and create positive social and environmental impact. Leaders need to prioritize purpose and help their employees embrace it.

Leaders can help employees embrace purpose by communicating it clearly, making it part of the company culture, providing opportunities for employee input and development, leading by example, measuring and rewarding progress, and encouraging volunteerism and community service. These steps will help employees understand and align with the company’s purpose and be more motivated and engaged in their work.

When a company has a clear purpose, it is easier for leaders to make decisions that align with its values and goals, leading to long-term success. Additionally, having a higher purpose can help a company create a positive social and environmental impact, which benefits society. By prioritizing purpose, leaders can help their employees be proud of their work and feel a sense of meaning and fulfillment in their careers.

A higher purpose is essential for a company’s success and should be a priority for leaders. By helping their employees embrace purpose, leaders can create a more engaged, motivated, and purposeful workforce aligned with the company’s mission and values. This, in turn, can lead to long-term success for the company and a positive impact on society.

Episode in a Tweet: Why is having a clear company purpose so important? When people are inspired and aligned with purpose, a company can easily attract and retain employees and build a loyal customer base.

Question of the Week

“How do you know if you are hard to work for?”

I was once told I was hard to work for, and truth be told, it was true. I am hard driving and change my mind often. During the episode, I talk about different ways you could be hard to work for and how to let go of some of the behaviors that hold you back from being your best leadership self.

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