Self-Aware and Empathetic Leadership w/ Emma Giles

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Podcast

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Guest: Emma Giles emulates self-aware and empathetic leadership. Emma is one of the founders of SoWork, a product that helps digital-first teams do great work, no matter when they work or where they work from.

Emma leads product development and works directly with SoWork customers who are leaders of organizations trying to navigate the digital-first work shift. Prior to founding SoWork, she dropped out of a PhD from Harvard/MIT in computational neuroscience to build a business, spent a year at Khan Academy creating free medical content for medical students, and scaled data initiatives for the WHO.

Emma has a unique perspective on how the landscape of work is evolving, what leaders and their teams are struggling with, and how to solve the most pressing challenges with technology. She lives on Vancouver Island with her husband (also a SoWork co-founder), where she spends time hiking and running ultramarathons.

Episode in a Tweet: Leadership is such a privilege because you get to sit in all these interesting seats and then use your perspective to help your team run with the ball and succeed.

Background: I love this 100th episode of Reflect Forward: Conversations on Leadership, where Emma Giles and I talk about empathic leadership. Emma is incredibly thoughtful and has developed self-awareness as few leaders have. During the interview, Emma shares how her time as a crisis counselor and a scientist shaped her views on leadership and helped her navigate the curve balls of founding a start-up throws at you. Emma talks about how she has developed deep self-awareness and how she models empathetic leadership within SoWork.

Emma calls herself a raging generalist, which resonates deeply with me. We talk about generalists’ impact on a team and company and how we’ve both learned to embrace our generalist natures. Emma cares deeply about working with humans, bringing them together to solve complex problems innovatively, and navigating an early-stage start-up’s immense strains and pains without killing themselves or each other. I know you’ll love this interview as must as I do! Have a listen and let me know what you think!

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