Surround Yourself with Successful Leaders to Become One w/ Sean Magennis, President of CEO Coaching International

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Podcast

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Guest: Sean Magennis is a seasoned international business executive specializing in scaling professional services firms. He believes deeply that you must surround yourself with successful leaders to become one yourself. He contributes 30 years of experience to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and founders to create realizable enterprise value. He is widely known for leading YPO as Global President and COO for more than seven years. In his new role as President of CEO Coaching International, Sean will build the company’s global footprint, enhance the community platform among clients, coaches, and strategic partners, and help lead the firm’s growth.

Episode in a Tweet: Surround yourself with successful people to become more successful yourself. And one of those people should be a coach who is dedicated to helping you grow as a leader and person.

Quick Background: During our conversation, CEO Coaching International’s President Sean Magennis shares what it was like to be an insider at YPO, leading the world’s most prestigious peer-to-peer learning and networking space. While at YPO, Sean Magennis led a globally distributed, diverse team serving 30,000 CEOs in 138 countries with combined annual revenues of $9 trillion.

Sean also tells us about CEO Coaching International’s model, a world-class coaching firm focused on working with the world’s leading executives. They coach their clients in leadership, strategy, innovation, team building and cultural design to help them dramatically grow their business. The firm’s goal is to help its clients elevate their performance. Sean shares his experience receiving coaching and the value it brought to him as a leader.

Sean shares his belief that “creating great leaders and leadership teams is not a one-dimensional practice. Rather it requires skill sets, competencies and a knowledge base that extends across a variety of relationships, platforms, mediums, and other key strategic constituencies.” Sean shares his four leadership pillars: know yourself, pick and stay true to your values, be clear on who you lead, and get clear on your role as a leader.

Sean also talks about CEO Coaching International’s new book “Making Big Happen: Applying the Make Big Happen System to Grow Bigger. He shares how using the firm’s proven set of best practices can help leaders scale their businesses and reach new heights. This is an excellent episode to kick off the new year and is one you don’t want to miss.

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