The Conscious Journey of Leadership w/ Melinda Wittstock

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Podcast

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Guest:  Melinda Wittstock is on a conscious journey of leadership. She is a 5-time serial entrepreneur in media tech, and the founder and CEO of Podopolo, innovating AI and Blockchain to revolutionize the podcasting ecosystem. Melinda also hosts Wings of Inspired Business podcast, reaching 1mm+ listeners. Entrepreneur Magazine named her #8 of its top 20 business podcasts for 2020. With 30+ years of experience as a host, journalist and entrepreneurial executive across the world’s top media brands (BBC, London Times, ABC, CNBC) and building successful media, tech, mobile apps, and predictive data analytics businesses, Melinda brings deep cross-disciplinary expertise to all that she does.

Episode in a Tweet: Fear limits us, dampens our dreams, and keeps us playing small. We can transform your life when we find our voice and step up to life’s challenges.

Background: During this week’s episode of Reflet Forward, Melinda Wittstock and I get real about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Melinda shares her enterprising youth, how she lost herself along the way, and why it took getting out of a toxic relationship to find her entrepreneurial passion once again. I love that her grandmother once told her, “You’re so disruptive!” And she proved her right, over and over again.

Melinda shares her journey from being an award-winning content creator for some of the world’s most respected news programs to developing technology platforms that turn content into conversations. Most recently, she founded Podopolo, a podcasting ecosystem that allows content creators to access more in-depth listener data, use AI matching serves to connect with new listeners and market their podcasts more effectively so they can hone their message and grow their audiences.

Melinda and I also go on a spiritual tangent, discussing the conscious journey of leadership and why being in tune with yourself makes you a better human and leader.

I so enjoyed interviewing Melinda, and I hope you get as much out of this episode as I did.

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