The Power of a Values-Based Company w/ Lisa Morton

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Podcast

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Guest: Lisa Morton understands the power of a values-based company. Lisa is the CEO and founder of Roland Dransfield, one of Manchester, England’s most established communications agencies. For the last 24 years, Lisa has worked to forge meaningful, lasting business relationships that create both business growth and social impact alongside her team of award-winning strategists, journalists, creatives, digital, and social media specialists. Now with a London office and a partnership with an LA-based agency, of which the founder is a former Roland Dransfield team member, Lisa is continuing to expand Roland Dransfield and explore new paths for growth.

Lisa’s commitment to purpose-driven work is exemplified by Roland Dransfield’s “We Built This City” podcast. This podcast series hears from Mancunians, born, bred and adopted, who put their heart into Greater Manchester. The podcast has been nominated for Best Business Podcast by the prestigious British Podcast Awards. It celebrates stories of determination, loyalty, and diversity across culture, arts, politics, sport, music and business.

Episode in a Tweet: When you focus your team and company on values, you can get through almost anything. Values give you and your team a clear sense of purpose and something to rally around. There is so much power in a values-based company.

Background: Twenty-five years ago, it became apparent to Lisa that the only way to work somewhere with suitable goals and values as an enterprise was to start it herself. Almost immediately, her talent for creating relationships became apparent when Manchester suffered a devastating bombing. Lisa got involved heavily in rebuilding the city center and, over the years, has played a large part in helping to regenerate neglected parts of the city center to create the new key “pillar” neighborhoods that make up the city. As a result, Lisa has been at the forefront of the response to crises in her community. Her commitment to social impact in the business community has driven her to help others do the same.

During this inspiring episode, Lisa shares how rebuilding Manchester helped her understand the power of values and how shared values bring people together. Lisa shares how her company transformed when they got really clear on their values. Called the Roland Dransfield Way, fifteen principles help Lisa and her team holds themselves accountable for building an exceptional company built on purposeful relationships. My favorite is “plant trees you’ll never see,” which describes the goal of leaving things in a better place out of respect for those how to follow you. There is no doubt Lisa is building a values-based company that is loved by everyone who works for her.

I know you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Have a listen and let me know what you think!

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