Use the Gift of Failure to Better Yourself w/ Justin Skinner

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Podcast

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How do you use the gift of failure to better yourself? Find out from the self-proclaimed “Professional Failure” Justin Skinner.

Guest: Justin Skinner is a farm-raised entrepreneur, author, speaker and performance coach. He is the author of the book “Professional Failure” and the host of the Professional Failure Podcast, where he and his guests share lessons learned from past mistakes. Justin played collegiate baseball, and when Major League Baseball didn’t draft him, he had to reinvent himself. Justin is passionate about sharing why failure helped him become a better person, leader and entrepreneur.

Episode in a Tweet: What if we normalized failure and even learned to embrace it? Could it be possible that our failures might be the very things that connect us with others and leads us to success?

Background: Through personal and professional experience, Justin has discovered that failures are good and can be used to improve your life and benefit those around you. After success in college and university baseball, Justin was fired from his job after being inducted into the Missouri Hall of Fame. This propelled him and his wife to start their own business and begin investing in real estate.

During the interview, Justin and I talk about what it’s like almost to be drafted into a professional sports career and then have the rug pulled out from under you. We share stories of how failure helped us both become more successful, and Justin shares how he stays grounded in service to others as he builds his company and brand.

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