What I Learned from Selling Golf Balls Back to Golfers w/ Dr. Kizzy Parks

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Podcast

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Guest: Kizzy Parks is the Founder of GovCon Winners and KPC, Inc. As a kid, she would clean golf balls located in an alley behind a friend’s house and resell them through a fence to golfers, and then used the money to buy candy bars. Crazy to think she started out selling golf balls to golfers!

Kizzy always knew she’d become an entrepreneur. She also knew she wanted to earn an advanced degree in psychology. Her entrepreneurial spirit meshed well with her inquisitive nature and after earning a Ph. D, she founded KCP, Inc. a consulting firm focused on serving the needs of Federal agencies that now manages over $50M in government contracts. KCP was so successful at navigating the complex world of government contracts that Kizzy started GovCon Winners, a firm that helps service-based small business owners learn how to win profitable federal government contracts and grow their bottom line.

Episode in a Tweet: How hustling as a kid led this entrepreneur to create her own business navigating the world of government contracting and creating a machine that helps others.

Quick Background: Kizzy is and always has been a hustler, which I greatly appreciate. From selling golf balls back to golfers as a kid, to taking on government contracts that track pigs, she has a unique way of showing up and adding value. She is passionate about the world of government contracting and has proven to be very successful at navigating its complexity and bureaucracy. After being burned by a former employee, she hired a coach who helped her look deep inside, make changes in her leadership style, and grow her company to new heights. Kizzy explains the world of government contracting, tells great stories about selling golf balls back to gophers, and shares how she got out of her own way.

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