What is Pay Transparency Anyway w/ Sally Loftis

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Podcast

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Guest: What is pay transparency anyway? Sally Loftis joins me on this week’s episode to discuss this controversial but important topic. Sally is Managing Director at Loftis Partners, a 100% woman-owned human resources consulting firm located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Loftis Partners specializes in strategy, people, facilitation, and pay justice. Since launching in August 2020, Sally and her firm have worked with 54 clients across three continents.

Sally serves as a faculty member for the Center of Trauma-Resilient Communities and lead consultant for two justice-driven consulting firms, Wayfinding Partners (Washington, DC) and Brook Graham (London, England). She is also a certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator.

Episode in a Tweet: Leaders must listen to their employees and hear what they say. They must implement the things their teams are looking for. This is how you build a culture where people want to stay.

Background: Sally started her firm in August 2020 after years of dreaming. She always thought being an external HR consultant would be amazing but lacked the confidence to move from working inside a business to running her own business. Additionally, Sally was opening a new company about six months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people thought she was brave; she just thought it was a great idea worth exploring.

During this interview, Sally and I talk about what it was like to start a company amid Covid and how she found her passion for helping leaders navigate the complex issues of compensation. She works with her clients to implement pay transparency – the legal requirement to disclose pay ranges to job candidates and current employees – as mandated by different states and countries. Sally explains how her assessments are designed to support transparency at all levels of the organization and takes the intimidation out of getting started. She also performs pay equity and salary studies to help leaders identify the areas of needed compensation work within their organizations.

I love her passion for this topic; she does an excellent job breaking it down. Check it out and let me know what you think!

How to find Sally:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sallyloftisloftis/

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/from-past-future-hr-sally-loftis-msod-she-her-hers-     /?trackingId=y7SQOxJClqOas0jLgKuV4Q%3D%3D
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Company Website: https://www.loftispartners.com/

Company Blog: https://www.loftispartners.com/blog

What is Pay Transparency Anyways? https://www.loftispartners.com/blog/what-is-pay-transparency-anyways

How to Conduct a Pay Equity Assessment: https://www.loftispartners.com/blog/hr-hacks-for-leaders-how-to-conduct-a-pay-equity-assessment

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