Why You Should Empower Yourself and Your Team w/ Chantell Preston

by | Nov 14, 2023 | Podcast

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Guest: Chantell Preston tells it like it is: when you empower yourself and your team, you build your life and leadership for impact. Chantell is the CEO and founder of Facilities Management Group (FMG), a management and consulting group based in Houston, Texas. FMG specializes in Freestanding Emergency Room, Hospital, and Ambulatory Surgical healthcare. Before FMG, Chantell built and sold her own company, Mentis Neuro Rehabilitation, which provided cognitive and physical rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury patients across the United States. Chantell also coaches, advises and speaks to high-powered women to equip them in personal, professional, and corporate growth. She provides a combination of unique mental coaching and accountability to successfully expedite real results and exponential growth with her clients personally and professionally.

Episode in a Tweet: When you empower your team and help them unlock their full potential, you drive corporate growth and build a company people love to work for.

Background: I met Chantell Preston through YPO and feel so lucky to know her. She is a total rock star. During this episode, Chantell tells us how she shifted from an authoritarian leadership style to one that was more inspirational, compassionate and collaborative. Her incredible career includes founding and selling her company specializing in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, building 65 hospitals, and advising and coaching leaders nationwide.

Chantell believes women are a company’s most powerful tool and that strategic growth is expedited when men understand women and women are given the tools they need to thrive. She shares why she’s so passionate about helping women advance their careers. We share experiences about saying no more often and why we shouldn’t devalue our time. We also talk about why building empowering workplaces is critical for business success and the power of maturing as a leader and giving back to future leaders. I know you’ll love this podcast! Please have a listen and let me know what you think!

How to find Chantell:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chantellpreston

Website: www.chantellpreston.com

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