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Get the inside scoop on the latest books I’ve read.

I’ve been asked by several people to put out a reading list as a regular blog post. Rather than keep a running list, every once in a while I’ll write about whatever I am reading at the moment.
I believe that reading is a crucial part of the human existence. Everyone should read…especially books that take you outside of your comfort zone…books that make you think, challenge your belief system, and teach you something new. If you want to be a better leader, parent, boss, and person, you should read more books.

​Don’t have time to read? Try listening instead. I am addicted to Audible…I listen to audio books while I run, mountain bike, and commute. Audible allows me to consume far more books in a given year since actually reading takes far more time than I have.



"THE MOTIVATION MYTH: HOW HIGH ACHIEVERS REALLY SET THEMSELVES UP TO WIN" BY JEFF HADEN Kerry's Book Review I am a sucker for reading "high achiever" books so when this title crossed my path, I had no choice but to buy...

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