Building Business for Good

Learn how to mold a business that makes a real difference in your employees’ lives at your next leadership event.

Inequality and the shrinking middle class are real, pressing issues, especially for many of your employees. It’s time to change the narrative on wealth creation in a capitalist society, because the truth is—capitalism, when done right, is the answer, not the problem.

Using my own experience guiding StoneAge’s journey to becoming 100% employee owned, I speak to founders, entrepreneurs, and executives, showing you how employee ownership works, why business leaders should care about where wealth creation happens, and how adopting The Ownership Mindset creates a culture of engagement and purpose, leading to faster growing bottom lines.

“Kerry has a keen understanding of business and the critical importance of supporting employees first. I appreciate her willingness to explore new ideas and keep a growth mindset. Her personal story is one of resilience and learning, and she embodies these traits in her questions and approach.”

Sally Loftis

Kerry Siggins Keynote Speaker YPO Event

Want to increase your impact? Teach your team to OWN IT.

Creating a business that empowers employees means establishing a mindset of ownership. From leadership down, an ownership culture isn’t just about having a financial stake in the business, it’s about taking responsibility for the business as if it were their own. By learning to “think like an owner,” team members can elevate themselves from being mere paycheck players to becoming top performers in their field.

My keynotes and breakout sessions teach and inspire founders, entrepreneurs, and executives how to build an ownership mindset in their own companies and build business for good.

“If you are looking for an authentic and entertaining keynote speaker who is inspiring and relatable, look no further than Kerry Siggins.”I am loving these conversations,” and “I can’t wait to share this” are just some of the many comments that were shared with me. Her keynote was exactly what our audience needed to hear. I highly recommend Kerry Siggins for your next Conference, Summit or Corporate Event.”

Sara Hanks

Is Your Audience…

Interested in learning new ways to think about business growth, culture creation, and employee ownership?

Committed to leaving a legacy of impact and social change?

Curious about the cultural and financial impacts of creating high impact company?

I’ll Teach Them…

How to understand the cultural and economic impacts of employee ownership

How to inspire their team by implementing The Ownership Mindset within their company

How to create ownership opportunities within your company

“I had the privilege to hear Kerry speak at two different events. Each one was exceptional as she shared her story. She is an inspiration to anyone and shows hard work, determination, and true self awareness are keys to personal and professional success. I promise you will learn something each time.”

Robbin Windham


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Kerry Siggins Keynote Speaker YPO Event

Want to know more about my story? Start with my book.

I’ve found embracing the ownership mindset to be transformative. It not only helped me climb my way out of rock bottom, but it also propelled StoneAge toward success. My journey into conscious capitalism started with the Own It Mindset.

My book covers essential topics like:

Overcoming personal challenges
Transitioning your mindset
Building a winning culture
Unleashing your leadership capabilities

With practical strategies and stories from my own life, I’ll show how leaders can empower themselves and their teams to take responsibility, contribute creatively, and drive innovation.

“Kerry is an exceptional leader who combines charismatic leadership with solid and time-tested strengths. Whether speaking to a group or writing down the bones of her personal vision, she is able to crystallize her messages–which embody universal truths couched in real-life applications–in an inspiring, relevant, and highly personal manner. People from all walks of life naturally want to follow her because she leads with authenticity, passion, compassion, and vulnerability.”

Betsy Fitzpatrick