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If you are looking for someone remarkable to speak on the topic of transformational leadership, culture creation, employee ownership, and cultivating “The Ownership Mindset” within yourself, your team, and your company, you’ve found her.

By undertaking a dramatic shift in mentality from an employee mindset to an ownership mindset, Kerry Siggins pulled herself from the depths of substance abuse and a dead-end lifestyle to become the head of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial cleaning equipment and a finalist for Colorado’s CEO of the Year – all by embracing The Ownership Mindset.

Able to captivate audiences, Kerry weaves her personal story and leadership experience–with additional focus on women in leadership–in a way that inspires listeners to build a life, culture, and company based on The Ownership Mindset. She leaves listeners with actionable takeaways that they can implement immediately. Funny, real, and raw, you can’t go wrong with one of Kerry’s keynotes.

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“What a keynote! Kerry is a master storyteller and more than delivered. Wow, just wow!

Michael French, Executive Director, La Plata Economic Development Alliance


Kerry’s keynote are 45-60 minutes in length and are ideal for corporate events, conference keynotes, and breakout sessions. She will customize each speech for your specific needs, from team-building innovations to women in leadership roles. If you would like Kerry to speak on another leadership or innovation topic, please book an appointment to discuss your requirements.

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The Ownership Mindset

Turning paycheck players into top performers

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Self Leadership

Transform yourself by embracing the ownership mindset

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A Team Who Owns It

How to team build a people-centric company

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Disruptive Leadership

How to build a high-impact company

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Transforming Capitalism

Impact and change through employee ownership

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Some of the Companies and Organizations Kerry Has Spoken For

See why Kerry is getting rave reviews for her powerful and purposeful presentations that leave people wanting to be a better leader and person.

"After listening to Kerry’s podcast on ownership mindset, we invited Kerry to speak to our director-level leaders within our organization. She came and gave a great presentation, led our team through a workshop, and really helped us with some critical action items that I believe will prove very valuable in the coming months. In general, she was awesome, and I highly recommend her."

Skip Perley, CEO at Thompson Solution Group

“I recently had the opportunity to listen to Kerry Siggins discuss the concept of an 'ownership mindset' during our all-associate gathering. Kerry's presentation was not only engaging but also packed with actionable strategies that deeply connected with our team. The way she conveyed her message inspired us and instilled a sense of empowerment to fully embrace our responsibilities. For any event aiming to motivate and equip its attendees, I wholeheartedly endorse Kerry as a speaker.”

Thayer Smith, CEO at YPO

Kerry's speech hit all the marks: funny, heartwarming, and most importantly, right on message. Kerry more than delivered!"

Alex Lemmel, Board Treasurer Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Colorado

Kerry is a rock star speaker! She keeps me wanting more! She’s world class, for sure!”

Kim Faclier, Managing Director at GoIndustry

“Kerry is a world-class moderator and presenter with the ability to support multiple topics areas."

Michael Pytel, Chief Technology Officer at Fulfilld

"I was enthralled and persuaded by your speech delivery. Actively looking forward to more keynotes from you."

Sumit Raj (Student, PGP-Business Leadership 2021, IIM Kozhikode)

"Absolutely inspiring. Mesmerizing. I am adopting The Ownership Mindset today."

Latoya Britt, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers

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Kerry Siggins Leadership Expert and Highly Successful CEO

About Kerry

Kerry is a highly successful CEO, speaker, writer and master storyteller. Her keynotes and presentations have changed how people think about transformative leadership, creating high-impact cultures and people-centric organizations, and the power of The Ownership Mindset. Her journey from rock bottom substance abuse to becoming a CEO of a headline-making employee-owned company at the age of 30 resonates with all types of audiences. Whether you are a new manager or a seasoned executive, Kerry will inspire you to build a high-impact, high-performing culture that retains and attracts top talent. Through the power of vulnerability, she will show you how to push through your fears and self-limiting beliefs to be the kind of leader people need at all levels of an organization.

Kerry understands that deep down, most leaders want to be more successful and more impactful –that they want to be truly exceptional. She knows the journey is not always easy because she is living it. But the world needs transformational leaders, ones who push their fears aside to create an actionable vision for the future. And she’s on a mission to help these kinds of leaders.

Keynotes from Kerry will help you cut through the noise, inspire you to step into your leadership talent, embody The Ownership Mindset, and lead yourself and others to their full potential.

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