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Authentic. Bold. Vulnerable. Humorous.

Kerry Siggins stands out from the rest of leadership speakers. She has the unique ability to move audiences through her journey from rock bottom to a highly successful CEO and leadership influencer. She is funny, real, and raw.

Able to captivate audiences, Kerry weaves her personal story and leadership experience in a way that inspires listeners and leaves them with actionable takeaways that they can implement immediately on the journey to become an exceptional leader.

“I needed to hear your talk today! The timing couldn’t be better! I am so inspired and just feel so lucky to have heard your story. Where I am in my life…I can totally relate. I just had to say thank you for sharing and know that you are making a huge difference. I will keep an eye out for your future TED Talk!”

Jenna Black, Certified Aesthetic Nurse and Owner of The Bookcase and the Barber.

It’s your time to lead.

Kerry inspires leaders to reach for more and perform their best when the pressure is on and results are required. Each of her keynotes will inspire listeners to show up, dig deep, and make a profound and positive impact on their teams, companies, and communities. Kerry inspires leaders to reach for more and perform their best when the pressure is on and results are required. Below are examples of topics Kerry speaks about, but she can provide insight on so much more. Contact her today to discuss options for a customized speech, tailored to your needs.



Leadership with a purpose


Building exceptional teams


Leading through crisis


Cultivating self-awareness


Successfully embracing and managing conflict


Building resiliency through hardship


Creating a culture that no one can compete with


Value of employee ownership


About Kerry

Kerry is a leadership expert and master storyteller. Her keynotes and presentations have changed the way people think about leadership, personal and professional development, and resiliency in business and life. Her journey from rock bottom substance abuse to becoming a CEO at the age of 29 resonates with all types of audiences and inspires them to push through their fears and self-limiting beliefs to be the kind of leader people need at all levels of an organization.

Kerry understands that deep down, most leaders want to be more successful and more impactful…that they want to be truly exceptional. She gets that the journey is not always easy—because she is living it. There are so many priorities to juggle, people to worry about, and decisions to make. The pressure to perform is intense and no matter what, it seems like it’s never enough…

Keynotes from Kerry will help you cut through the noise, inspire you to step into your leadership talent, and lead yourself and others to their full potential.

See why Kerry is getting rave reviews for her powerful and purposeful presentations that leave people wanting to be a better leader and person.

“I’ve had the distinct privilege and pleasure of listening to many talks with Kerry at the helm! She’s the ultimate professional, incredibly knowledgeable and a unique gift of asking thought provoking questions that keep audiences engaged and wanting more! Her ability to discuss sensitive topics while allowing polar views to have a voice is admirable and necessary in the current world. I look forward to more interviews and talks by Kerry and cannot recommend her enough for an in-person or virtual seminar. She’s world class, for sure!”

Kim Faclier, Managing Director at GoIndustry

“Kerry is fantastic at orchestrating and leading panel discussions, either in person or virtual. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kerry on multiple webinars and panels. Her process starts with purposeful planning and setting a topic that is engaging for both the attendees and panelists. She places significant value on high quality content – keeping a sharp focus on creating meaningful takeaways for attendees. She encourages the panelists to constructively debate and co-curate topics, questions, and the event flow during the planning stages. On the day of the event, she adapts, pivots and weaves attendee questions into the discussion. Kerry is a world-class moderator and presenter with the ability to support multiple topics areas."

Michael Pytel, Chief Technology Officer at Fulfilld

“Hi Kerry, such a wonderful talk you delivered. I was enthralled and persuaded by your speech delivery. Your brilliant sense of business has made StoneAge grow by leaps and bounds. Your great piece of advice on business leadership will be with me, in the long run, to become what I aspired to be. You are a great teacher and a brilliant businesswoman; I am always looking forward to learning more from you. Actively looking forward to more keynote speeches from you. Thank You.”

Sumit Raj (Student, PGP-Business Leadership 2021, IIM Kozhikode)

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