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Women in Leadership

Learn to step up, stand out, and OWN IT at your next women in leadership event.

Being a leader is hard. Not only are you managing other people, but you’re also managing the voice in your head that says you can’t do it, you don’t belong here, you’ve made too many mistakes, you should just give up. Listen–I’ve been there! There is a way forward.

I speak to women leaders, both seasoned and aspiring, about the struggles we all feel. Sharing my story and experience, I help women embrace self-leadership, overcome feeling powerless over their lives and careers, become more resilient, and go after their dreams.

Check out my collection of interviews, articles, blogs, and podcasts featuring women doing what we do best–leading with heart, passion, and impact.


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The Ownership Mindset

“Kerry spoke at our women in leadership sponsored event. Kerry’s story and how she delivered it left everyone inspired and better equipped to deal with challenges and opportunities.”

NANCEE RONNING, former COO at BNSF Logistics

Women in Leadership:

Destined for Success

Not only do I believe that creating an ownership mindset empowers teams, but I know that an ownership mindset benefits women, especially as they move up the ranks as entrepreneurs or in corporate leadership. As women, we face different challenges than many men who hold the same positions as we do. Should we let that stop us? Absolutely not! When we OWN IT, we can create the lives and careers of our dreams.

My keynotes and breakout sessions teach and inspire women how to think and act like an owner so they can go after opportunities and claim the titles, positions, and success that they deserve.

“When the Women of Wabtec needed a speaker for International Women’s Day, I knew we needed Kerry. By sharing her story, she helped the audience believe that there is resilience in all of us. Her keynote was exactly what our audience needed to hear!”

SARA HANKS, Senior Director, GE Transportation

Listen Up—Women in Leadership Podcast Episodes

I love interviewing other women in leadership to get their unique takes on how to excel, reinvent, and make a difference.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Why You Should Empower Yourself and Your Team with Chentell Preston

When you empower your team and help them unlock their full potential, you drive corporate growth and build a company people love to work for.

Leadership Lessons from Extreme Rock Climbing w/ Jessica Billingsley

At the end of the day, climbing, like business, is a mental game. It’s all about creating mental resilience and being able to think about climbing, not falling. In other words, playing to win, not to lose.

Helping Women Founders Scale Their Companies w/ Eleanor Beaton

Economically empowered women entrepreneurs are vital in driving gender equity globally and boosting the economy for everyone.

Leadership is a Journey w/ Velveth Schmitz

Lead with love. At the end of the day, we are all doing the best we can with what we have. When leaders show compassion and grace, they help their employees become the best versions of themselves.

Mastering Leadership and Marketing w/ Wanda Toro Turini

Learning to let go of the need to do everything. You can’t scale if the business revolves around you!

Self-Aware and Empathetic Leadership w/ Emma Giles

Leadership is such a privilege because you get to sit in all these interesting seats and then use your perspective to help your team run with the ball and succeed.

Personal Transformation

Discover how to overcome personal challenges and break free from self-limiting beliefs to achieve your true potential.

Shifting Perspectives

Learn how to transition from an employee mindset to an ownership mindset and unleash your leadership abilities.

Building a Winning Culture

Explore the power of employee ownership and how it can drive growth, innovation, and success.

Practical Strategies

Gain actionable insights and strategies to implement the ownership mindset in your own life and within your organization.

Inspiring Stories

Be inspired by real-life stories of individuals who have embraced the ownership mindset and achieved extraordinary success.

“Kerry is the ultimate professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and a unique gift of asking thought-provoking questions that keep the audience engaged and wanting more! I look forward to more interviews and talks by Kerry and cannot recommend her enough!”

KIM FACLIER, CEO Faclier Group

Read All About It—Leadership for Women Blog Posts

At the age of 28, I began my journey of leading StoneAge. Being a relatively young leader, especially for my role, I had a lot to learn — not only about the product and the industry — but also how to manage and motivate people. Now I’m here to share what I’ve learned and help women leaders all over the world create an ownership mindset for themselves and their teams.

Here are a few of my favorite blog posts about leadership.

How to Cultivate an Exceptional Culture

How to Cultivate an Exceptional Culture

Have you ever wondered how to cultivate an exceptional culture? Ultimately, a great company culture positively impacts employees' well-being at work and personal lives. I've seen firsthand how it can drive success and growth within our organization. Our culture of...

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The Essential Role of Leadership in Transformational Change

The Essential Role of Leadership in Transformational Change

In today's rapidly evolving business world, transformational change is not just a buzz phrase but a fundamental necessity. According to a survey by KPMG, 96% of CEOs believe that their companies must accelerate the pace of transformation in response to changing market...

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2024: The Year of Feeling Good

2024: The Year of Feeling Good

Why should you make 2024 the year of feeling good? In a world that often seems shadowed by complexities, it's crucial to remember the power of doing things that bring good feelings. While the media may focus on the darker side of life, an undeniable truth often goes...

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Go After What You Want in Life

Go After What You Want in Life

"Go after what you want in life and live your freaking dreams!" That’s what I thought a few months ago when I saw Taylor Swift perform. I was blown away, and her performance still sits in my consciousness, even though it’s been months. Now, I am not a Swifty; I like...

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Save the Middle Class and Fight Income Inequality

Save the Middle Class and Fight Income Inequality

How do you save the middle class and fight income inequality as a business leader? In the past few years of “Great Resignation” and workforce shortages, one of the biggest sayings we’ve heard from business leaders is “no one wants to work.” Well, why should they? The...

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Embracing the Ownership Mindset

Embracing the Ownership Mindset

Why is embracing the ownership mindset so important? In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, the concept of an ownership mindset has emerged as a critical driver of success in the workplace. The ownership mindset involves developing a sense of...

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“I needed to hear your talk today! The timing couldn’t be better. I am so inspired and just feel so lucky to have heard your story. I will keep an eye out for your future TED talk!”

JENN BLACK, owner of Bookcase and the Barber

Leadership Articles & Interviews

featuring Kerry Siggins

5 Ways to Toughen Up as a Leader


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Kerry Siggins of StoneAge: 5 Things You Should Do To Become a Thought Leader In Your Industry


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Cultivating a culture of ownership and engagement in a global business


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Investing in Yourself & Others


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“Kerry is a fantastic motivator and speaks from the heart. Kerry provided an inspirational message of hope and determination for our women’s railway organization that was very well received. I can’t wait to read her book!”

KARI GONZALEZ, President and CEO at MxV Rail

Transform Your Life and Leadership

I’ve found embracing the ownership mindset to be transformative. It not only helped me climb my way out of rock bottom, but it also propelled StoneAge toward success. We wouldn’t be where we are today without sharing the Own It Mindset. It’s what inspired me to write my book The Ownership Mindset: A Handbook for Transforming Your Life and Leadership

Inside you’ll learn how to:

  • =Overcome personal challenges
  • =Transition your mindset
  • =Build a winning culture
  • =Unleash your leadership capabilities

Packed with practical strategies and stories from my own life, I’ll show you how to empower yourself and your team to take responsibility, contribute creatively, and drive innovation.

Click here to order in bulk.

Kerry Siggins Speaking at event

“Kerry Siggins doesn’t just talk about an ownership mindset, she shows you how to confidently live and lead with it through her vulnerable stories and incredible journey from rock bottom to CEO. This book is perfect for leaders who want to use practical strategies to lead themselves and others in a results-driven way.”

KELLI THOMPSON, award-winning career and leadership coach; author of Closing the Confidence Gap